Opening party Ninho Saloio

Ninho Saloio was inaugurated on September 29, 2018 in a private party attended by around 100 guests. Keeping up with the space, the party had the theme of “Arraiais Saloios” in a combination of good food, good wine, Portuguese songs and of course, excellent company!

The guests were welcomed with a “Welcome drink” with wines from the Adega de Azueira that then accompanied them through the discovery of Ninho Saloio. The local accommodation was open, allowing visitors to visit the rooms and all common spaces.

The pork on the spit, very well made, was served with homemade saloio bread. Ham, cheese, sausages, seasonal fruits, ”pataniscas”, patties and croquettes filled the other tables scattered around the breakfast room, that was adapted to the event room. The glazed doors were opened, and the guests could enjoy the swimming pool and the esplanade that stretched through the garden.

The music was in charge of the duo Sandra Camilo and Rui Rocha. Fado and other Portuguese songs brightened the space.

Also worthy of note is the beauty of the salt water pool, which at dusk has shown all its splendor with fantastic lighting that gives the space a romantic atmosphere.

It was thus in a climate of “Arraial Saloio Sofisticado” that Ninho Saloio received those that are closer to it, preparing itself for, in a very near future, to accommodate guests who want to enjoy a cozy space and to taste the best regional products, everything in a family and intimate environment.

The inauguration described above was news in several local newspapers as for instance the November editions of “O Carrilhão” and “O Ericeira”.