Ninho Saloio

Located in the centre of the village of Venda do Pinheiro, Ninho Saloio is a local housing option that suggests to its guests an intimate, personal and family stay in a sophisticated atmosphere. The decoration based on the owners’ portfolio takes us back to a time travel from where we don’t want to leave. Enjoy your stay with us to relive, relax and rest, taking with you moments that remain forever.


Nowadays with 9 rooms, Ninho Saloio strives for a tasteful decoration, not neglecting comfort neither cleanliness. Each room has a different theme and, as a result, each one has been assigned with a bird name. They live together in harmony in Ninho Saloio, giving diversity to a space that promotes the authenticity of rural and local tourism, promoting the municipality of Mafra that houses it.

Breakfast is served in the adjoining room. A large space with glass surfaces, which allows a privileged view to the pool and all outdoor space. The bathrooms are duly marked with the paintings of Beatriz Costa (daughter of the village) and Vasco Santana (who could not fail to accompany her). There is also a fountain and a reading corner.

The outdoor space is composed with a saltwater pool that doesn’t require chemicals in its treatment. Ninho Saloio has a considerable area of lawn, garden, a chicken coop, vegetable garden, fruit trees and a leisure area with chairs, benches and garden tables, sun loungers and hammocks.


The owners are restorers and collectors of antique pieces and, having a huge portfolio that they did not know how to value immediately, they decided to acquire and restore the old house where the Ninho Saloio is currently located, decorating it with those pieces. The result is comforting. A space where guests can enjoy the articles, true works of art that gain a new life in this space so well achieved.

In the image gallery on the left there are some pieces that you can find in Ninho Saloio.